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Description of Technical Parameters of JBL Audio Monitor in a Real Auditorium


Audio features of auditorium sound monitoring:


JBL lsr305 5”两种方式供电的演播室监视器是一个双扩增参考监视器与磁屏蔽5“低频换能器1“软球顶高频率传感器。监控特点JBL的图像控制波导技术,精确的音频再现。它还具有JBL的滑移流口设计改进的低音响应。

The JBL lsr305 5 "studio monitor powered by two modes is a double amplified reference monitor and a magnetic shielded 5" low frequency transducer 1 "soft top high frequency sensor". Monitoring features JBL image control waveguide technology, accurate audio reproduction. It also has improved bass response with JBL slip port design.

JBL lsr305配有LF装饰开关和高频微调开关,以及双41w D类放大器用于驱动。确保灵活的连接,JBL包括平衡XLR输入和平衡的1 / 4TRS输入,这两个特征影响了液位控制。其他功能还包括JBLLSR(线性空间参考)的准确的声音再现和一个可选的输入灵敏度开关,确保一系列信号源兼容的扬声器的设计。

JBL lsr305 is equipped with LF decorative switch and high frequency fine-tuning switch, as well as double 41w D class amplifier for driving. To ensure flexible connection, JBL includes balanced XLR input and balanced 1/4 "TRS input, which affect level control. Other functions include JBL's LSR (Linear Space Reference) for accurate sound reproduction and an optional input sensitivity switch to ensure a series of source compatible speaker designs.

1.         双放大驱动的参考监视器

2.         线性空间参考扬声器的设计

3.         41w D类放大器

4.         长投5“低频低音

5.         1“高频扬声器

6.         平衡式XLR1 / 4TRS输入

7.         低和高频率微调开关

8.         图像控制波导技术

9.         滑移流的低频接口设计

10.     可选的输入灵敏度开关

1. Reference Monitor Driven by Double Amplification

2. Design of Linear Spatial Reference Loudspeaker

3. Double 41w D class amplifier

4. Changshou 5 "Low Frequency Bass"

5. Neodymium 1 "High Frequency Speaker

6. Balanced XLR and 1/4 "TRS input

7. Low and High Frequency Tuning Switches

8. Image-controlled waveguide technology

9. Design of Low Frequency Interface for Slip Flow

10. Optional input sensitivity switch


Image control waveguide technology: The image control waveguide is the main reference monitor of JBL flagship square meters and has been listed in lsr305. The patent pending design of an image control waveguide accurately controls sound from both vertical and horizontal planes to ensure that the performance at the listening position is neutral and accurate speakers. JBL transducer: Long stroke bass unit of display and Nd tweeter of damped woven composites are designed to reproduce powerful transient and micro-dynamics of mixtures. These drivers provide deep bass and accurate high-frequency response beyond human auditory range.

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