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Sichuan Guangyuan New Rail Hotel Scheme Configuration Chapter [Campus Audio]


Guangyuan New Rail Hotel, circular building, in order to satisfy the uniform distribution of sound field on site, the designer chooses Julu Audio LDH brand J12II series products. The product covers an angle of 90 degrees X7.5 degrees, has a sensitivity of 99 dB and a power of 325 W. In the design, there are four groups of J12II, four in each group, suspended on both sides of the stage, as the main sound reinforcement system; four groups of J12II, three in each group, suspended in the center of the auditorium, as a supplementary sound system.


At the same time, designers also choose LDH brand P5 series products. The coverage angle of the product is 90 degrees X60 degrees, the sensitivity is 102 dB, and the power is 790 W. The VIP seats on both sides of the stage and the stage are set respectively.


Ultra-low frequency speakers are LDH brand H28 series products. The sensitivity of this product is 112 dB, the power is 1800 w, the circumference is circular uniform distribution, the center is cross distribution.


Scheme Configuration: All the Guangyuan New Rail Hotel in Sichuan adopts the high-end entertainment sound reinforcement system constructed by the LDH brand professional equipment of Shenlu Audio. This set of audio equipment includes two-frequency speaker, linear array speaker, ultra-low frequency speaker, processor, power amplifier and other equipment. As the core member of the system, LDH brand new linear array speaker J12II is absolutely a wise choice.

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