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Campus Audio System Art Museum of No.1 Middle School in Turpan, Xinjiang


In the new campus of No. 1 Middle School in Turpan, Xinjiang, special classes such as sports, fine arts, music and science and technology are offered to build a modern, characteristic and international boarding high school.


In addition to the modern teaching building, library and information building and gymnasium, the new campus also has a new art gallery with a capacity of 1500 people for teachers and students to use.


Realize a multi-functional hall that integrates conference, screening, drama, singing and dancing.

The configuration is as follows:


1.         扩声系统选用XLKJ线阵列

2.         覆盖观众席大部分区域。

3.         线阵列应用了XLKJ多项专利技术。

4.         不仅音质出众,还可以实现声压级均匀的远距离投射。

5.         QX系列作中置扬声器,能实现更低频率的指向性控制。

6.         由于线阵列安装高度较低,VFR系列扬声器补充二层观众席的声压级,提高语言清晰度。

7.         SB系列为演出提供更低低频动态能量,VF系列扬声器作舞台固定及流动返听。

8.         功放系统选用内置DSPXLKJ扬声器厂家数据的Powersoft X系列、Ottocanali系列功放,混音工作则由Allen&Heath GLD112完成。

9.         在校方举办的校园文化艺术节中,整套音频系统极其出色地完成任务,大家都说好!

10.     Selection of XLKJ line array for sound reinforcement system

11.     Covering most of the auditorium.

12.     Linear arrays have applied XLKJ patented technologies.

13.     Not only the sound quality is excellent, but also the long-distance projection with uniform sound pressure level can be realized.

14.     QX series as a middle loudspeaker can achieve lower frequency directivity control.

15.     Because of the low installation height of the line array, the VFR series loudspeakers supplement the sound pressure level of the second floor auditorium to improve the language clarity.

16.     SB Series provides low-frequency dynamic energy for performances. VF Series speakers are used for stage fixing and mobile listening-back.

17.     Powersoft X series and Ottocanali series power amplifiers with built-in DSP and XLKJ speaker manufacturer data are used in the power amplifier system. Allen & Heath GLD112 completes the mixing work.

18.     In the Campus Culture and Art Festival held by the school, the whole audio system has accomplished its task very well. Everyone says it's OK!

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