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Campus Audio System Sichuan Guangyuan Middle School Auditorium



Sichuan Guangyuan Middle School has a long history, first-class teachers and first-class quality. The following points need to be met:

1.         目前,学校正朝着集团化和国际化方向发展。

2.         设置有校内大礼堂以满足演艺活动及会议需求,

3.         礼堂观众厅可供1050名师生共同参与。

4.         主扩系统由XLKJ JBL系列线阵列

5.         QX系列扬声器组成,配合Allen&Heath GLD112数字调音台

6.         在系统安装完成后剧场内迎来2018-2019年度开学典礼,

7.         全校一千五百余名师生、家长齐聚学校大礼堂,共同欢庆。

8.         扩声系统操作简单,模式切换快速。

9.         厅内声压级达到设计要求,语言清晰度高。

10.     演出时均匀度好,得到师生一致好评。

11.     1. At present, schools are developing towards collectivization and internationalization.

12.     2. Installation of a campus auditorium to meet the needs of performing arts activities and conferences.

13.     3. The auditorium is open to 1050 teachers and students.

14.     4. The main expansion system consists of XLKJ JBL series line arrays

15.     5. QX series loudspeakers, with Allen & Heath GLD112 digital mixer.

16.     6. The opening ceremony of 2018-2019 will be held in the theatre after the installation of the system.

17.     7. More than 1,500 teachers, students and parents gathered in the school hall to celebrate.

18.     8. Sound reinforcement system is simple to operate, and mode switching is fast.

19.     9. The sound pressure level in the hall meets the design requirements, and the language clarity is high.

20.     10. The uniformity of the performance was good, and it was praised by both teachers and students.

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