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Audio System of Nankai Middle School Auditorium Campus in Southwest China



Southwest Nankai Middle School is the first municipal key demonstration middle school in Chongqing. Have the following points:

1.         其大礼堂观众厅设一层观众席,观众厅共设观众席位800座。

2.         由于校内没有专业操作人员,因此扩声系统需要具备操作简单、易用等特点。

3.         最终校方选用XLKJ JBL213紧凑型二分频线阵列。

4.         其包含XLKJ最前沿创新线阵列技术,且音箱整体重量轻,方便移动。

5.         搭配JFL118超低频音箱配套使用,非常适用于中小型剧场剧院等场所。

6.         功放系统选用Powersoft X系列功放。

7.         采用双数字传输及备份,完全满足校方要求。

8.         1. The auditorium of the auditorium has a floor of auditorium, with a total of 800 seats in the auditorium.

9.         2. Because there are no professional operators in the school, the sound reinforcement system needs to be simple to operate and easy to use.

10.     3. Finally, XLKJ JBL213 compact bisector line array is chosen by the school.

11.     4. It includes XLKJ's cutting-edge innovative line array technology, and the speaker overall weight is light, easy to move.

12.     5. With JFL118 Ultra-Low Frequency speakers, it is very suitable for small and medium-sized theatres and theatres.

13.     6. Powersoft X series power amplifier is selected for power amplifier system.

14.     7. Double digital transmission and backup are adopted to fully meet the requirements of the school.

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