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Audio system enters the new report hall of Hunan Sande Science and Technology Co., Ltd.


Hunan Sande Science and Technology Co., Ltd., located in the National High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Changsha, has built a new multi-functional conference hall which can accommodate more than 200 people.


The new generation active intelligent loudspeaker system JBL PRX800W is selected for the conference hall sound reinforcement system. PRX 812W active 12 inch dual frequency is used as stage monitor and side complement. PRX815W active 15 inch two-frequency amplifier as the main amplifier. JBL's new PRX800 series products all have 1500W high output power, and built-in class D power amplifier, combined with JBL patented technology, can achieve the highest efficiency, but also achieve WiFi wireless control, with the characteristics of easy control, and finally won the favor of owners.

会议厅扩声系统选用美国JBL PRX800W新一代有源智能扬声器系统。其中使用了PRX 812W有源12寸两分频作为舞台监听以及侧补音。PRX815W有源15寸两分频作为主扩声。JBL全新推出的PRX800全系列产品都拥有1500W高输出动力,并且内置D类功放,结合JBL专利技术,能够实现最高的效能,还能实现WiFi无线控制,拥有操控自如的特点,最终赢得了业主的青睐。

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